Aviation Background

Mr. Steven Meyers- Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Meyers is responsible for all facets of operating DVI Aviation, and over his 22+ career in the Aerospace and Defense industries, he has conducted several hundred failure analysis and aircraft accident investigations. His experiences include airframe and powerplant system design and interface issues, flight and ground testing, human factor analysis of both flight and maintenance operations, and the evaluation of material wear and lubrication (tribology). These investigations have involved complex accident reconstructions, the development of unique/customized test procedures, and interdisciplinary expertise. He also developed and conducts Human Factors based flight reviews and ground school training. These in-depth instructional programs cover cockpit leadership techniques, error management, risk management, human factors, single pilot resource management, and expert based scenario training. Other aviation services include aircraft specific checkouts, flight department audits, safety seminars, and aircraft maintenance.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Aviation and Human Factors: Piloted / instructed in 60+ different types of aircraft ranging from turbines to gliders to sea planes. FAA Licensed Commercial Pilot- Single-Engine, Multi-Engine, Glider, Seaplane, Instrument; Active Certified Flight Instructor (CFI); FAA licensed Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic (A&P) with FAA Inspection Authorization (IA); FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME). Understands the interrelationship between the Person-Machine-Environment. 
  • Accident Investigator: Applies scientific methods to accurately reconstruct and explain the circumstances of an accident. Investigations ranging from the in-flight failure of composite airframe structures to the use of unapproved parts to reconstructing ground vehicle incidents. Adjunct Faculty Member in the Aviation Department of Lewis University teaching courses in Applied Aircraft Accident Investigations, Aviation Human Factors, and IL licensed Private Detective.
  • Material Scientist: Brings a strong experience in applying modern materials science coupled with a focus on failure analysis and the use of standardized testing techniques. Evaluates the effects of corrosion, temperature, and mechanical stresses on the performance of materials. Analysis performed on fractured thru-bolts, crankshafts, fuel pumps, carburetors, and bearings.
  • Failure Analyst: Provides practical and comprehensive laboratory testing that is independent and unbiased. Capable of performing a broad range of tests to determine the strength, physical, chemical, and wear properties of metals, coatings, ceramics, composites, and plastics. Access to ASTM qualified test machines, optical microscopes, SEM, FTIR, load cells, and accelerometers.
  • USAF Non-Commissioned Intelligence Officer: Confident public speaking skills with experience in preparing briefings and making recommendations to high-level military commanders.


Aircraft Design and Operation,  Aircraft Performance,  Avionics & Autopilots, Piloting & Training, Turbines/Reciprocating Engines, Major Repairs/Alterations, Human Factors, FAA Regulations & Certification, Accident Investigation, Wreckage Reconstruction, In-Flight Break-Ups, Mid-Air Collisions, Flight Path Reconstruction, Crashworthiness, Loss of Control, System Failures, In-Flight Fires, Cockpit Automation, Mechanical Testing, Material Compatibility, Fracture Analysis, Metal Fatigue, Composite Materials, Mechanical Fasteners, Tribology & Wear Testing, Fretting, Galling & Corrosion, Lubricants, Greases, & Fuels.